Golden Apple revisited

Omar's award-winning painting, "the Apple" will be published in the soon-to-be-available 2nd edition of L'Univers des Dragons published by Editions Daniel Maghen of France. I'm not sure if these books will be available in the United States. Those of you living in or visiting Europe had better run out and grab yourself a copy of these books, because from what we've seen of the first one, they are absolutely stunning.

Vegas, baby!

We just got back from a quick little vacation to that humblest of cities, Las Vegas, Nevada. The air was warm (ahhhh...), scented with jasmine in bloom (ahhhh...), and windy as all heck (ooooh!). With a bit of self-control, scheming, and just plain luck we managed to actually come home with a little bit of money. Of course, it was less money than we went there with, but hey, ya gotta eat too. Like they say, if ya wanna make a small fortune in Vegas, go there with a big fortune. We saw a few shows, one being Cirque de Soliel's "O"-- it was freakin' AMAZING! We also loved watching the fountains of Bellagio from our hotel room...