Golden Apple!

We just found out that Omar won a gold award in the "unpublished" category for his painting "the Apple" in this year's Spectrum Annual!

Studio Cat

We've got a cat. As with any other cat, she likes to sleep. Alot. And also likes to be right in the middle of things. So with our art studio being in our home, we have a cat in our lap (or elsewhere draped upon us) for a good part of the day. BTW, our cat's name is Patchouli, she's 18 and lives a REALLY good life.

Return from Boskone

We just got back from Boskone, where we had a very successful showing. I received much praise for my work, Omar sold a bunch of paintings and also got a pile of awards. This painting was shown at Boskone and is also the one we showed a "peek" of in an earlier blog, here it is finished. Omar titled it "the Knight, the Daemon, and the Donut". The poor horse looks a tad worried about what the daemon is going to do with that donut...
It's available for sale, contact us for more info.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Omar just finished painting this one, fresh off the easel and tentatively titled Froggy Went a-Courtin'. I thought it was appropriate for today, so I figured I should share it. He'll be displaying it at Boskone tomorrow. We're in the final stretch right now getting ready for the art show, and our studio actually doesn't look too bad. Usually by now it looks like a bomb went off. I guess the renovation and reorganization is actually working. Phew.


This what I'd look like if I was a Simpson's character...
try it for yourself here.

What's he up to?

We're down to the final week before Boskone, so we're getting pretty busy in prep for the art show. Here's a quick peek of what's on Omar's drawing board...

Groundhog Day

Well, good old Punxy Phil saw his shadow this morning, so that means six more weeks of winter weather. So far this week we've had 7 inches of snow, 2 days of pouring rain, high winds, power outages, mud, slush, ice, frost, and ladybugs in our morning coffee. I think I'm about done with this winter stuff. Can we send Phil back in his burrow for a second opinion? I found this great cartoon on Casting Stones Productions cafepress store, check it out: