Selling out!

We've just entered the wild world of merchandising and opened a shop on to sell items with our fabulous artwork on them. So far we've done t-shirts, buttons, and my favorite: coffee mugs. More stuff will be added as I have time to put them together, so keep checking back. Don't forget: Valentine's Day is coming up and I just know you've been dying to give a Turtle Race coffee mug to your squeeze. Now's your chance! Buy! Buy! Buy! Make us rich beyond our wildest dreams! Go there now:


Producrastination is a word that Omar and I have come up with. What it means is "productive procrastination". It's what you do to keep yourself busy when you really should be doing something else. With regular procrastination you can be just loafing around watching TV, but producrastination is a very active form, you're actually getting something done, just not the thing you SHOULD be getting done. For example, this blog today. I should be doing sketches, but instead I'm teaching the world a new vocabulary word. Producrastination.
Well, back to work! I mean, the work I'm SUPPOSED to be doing.

Photo Booth Fun

I think the best way to procrastinate is to play with PhotoBooth on my Mac. This is my favorite self-portrait.

Website Updates

I've just put a pile of Omar's work up on our sale page. They are all paintings he did years ago for Iron Crown's Middle Earth card game, based on the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. We've even got the game cards available for sale, signed by Omar of course. I didn't put the cards up on the website, there's just way too many. If there's a particular one you're looking for, drop us a note, and we'll check our inventory. Please note that we ONLY have cards that Omar illustrated! And don't forget that Omar is doing stuff for Magic the Gathering also. You can see the available paintings from that game on his gaming art page.

Happy New Year!

It's 2008 already. Wow how did that happen? Remember all that Y2K hype years ago? Seems like ancient history.
I had my belly dancing "debut" last night and it all went well-- I was nervous as heck at first, but then managed to settle in and enjoy it at bit. We had a full house with a lively audience, nobody fell off the stage, and no costume malfunctions (a la Janet Jackson), so I think it can be safely said the show was a success! Yippee! We spent the rest of our New Year's Eve having dinner with friends, then to see the fireworks at 9pm. Why fireworks at 9pm and not midnight? Beats me, maybe everyone else on this Island are old farts like us and go to bed before midnight (which we did, only to be woken up by a neighbor shooting off fireworks at midnight, so I guess they aren't old farts). Happy New Year everyone!