Release the dragons!

Editions Daniel Maghen of Paris, France has just released their second edition of L'Univers des Dragons, which is, obviously, a book about dragons. Omar's painting the Apple was chosen for this book, which also includes dragon paintings by Tom Kidd, William Stout, Todd Lockwood, Tony Diterlizzi and many more. We haven't gotten our copy yet, but from what they show on their website it is a really memorable collection of art. There's some more info about it on their blog also.

Dead of Winter

This weekend we escaped to New Hampshire to attend the Foxfire Studio Gallery's opening reception of their new show, "the Dead of Winter". The show features horror and monster art by gallery owner Pat Lewis, Rick Frane, Jill Bauman, Chuck & Wendy Lang, and a few other artists including us. Omar's painting, Cercopithecus L'Hoesti, is a pretty twisted self portrait he did a few years ago for the Necon art show. My drawing of the Bighorn Badger is a piece I did ages ago when I was playing around with skull and anatomy studies. Both pieces are a bit of a departure from the norm for both of us, but sometimes it is refreshing to step outside of the box for a bit. We had a great time at the reception, with live music provided by Knucklecocks. I gotta say I was a bit dubious about what kind of music a band called the Knucklecocks would play, but they turned out to be a very fun rockabilly/country/punk band. Definitely worth checking them out!