Gearing up for Gen Con

We're heading off for Gen Con next week so I thought I'd share some of the new works Omar has been working on.
First up: a new oil painting, currently untitled (Any ideas out there? Anyone? Bueller?  *update* - we figured out a title, it is now called "The Favorite"), freshly framed with an antique frame we got from Wendy and Chuck Lang at their fabulous Art Corner frame shop in Salem, MA. They have an amazing selection of frames old and new, you should check them out if you are ever in the Salem area. If you look really close in the background of the photo you can see Omar's pyramid-like Spectrum Awards lined up on the shelf. :)
 Continuing our tour, we've got "Cavalier with an Acorn", painted in watercolor.
 And finishing up, here is what Omar was working on the morning, a scene from Midsummer Night's Dream featuring Bottom and Titania and lots of little fairy friends.

Another Award (possibly)!!

We just found out that Omar has been nominated for an Illie Award. The "Illies" are chosen by the members of the Illustration Exchange and will be presented in November at Illuxcon. This is the first year for this award, and they've really gone all out in the making of the actual award, which is pictured above. It's a bronze piece created and cast by Vincent Villafranca, an amazing sculptor and really nice guy to boot. Omar's nominated painting is "The Caterpillar" shown below...