For those more observant people out there, you may have noticed that a few days ago that a new item appeared in the right margin of this blog. We have jumped onto the "Painting-a-Day" bandwagon and are offering said paintings, drawings, and sketches for sale on They will be in the $100 range, some a little cheaper, some maybe a little more pricey. But we are gonna try our darndest to have a fresh new vibrant wonderful fantabulous piece for sale EVERY SINGLE DAY. At least that's the plan.
Today's painting is a watercolor by Omar titled "Sea Lions Don't Drink Espresso". Big flippers and dainty little cups, just not a good fit.

Award Winning!

The Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Fair was this past weekend, and Omar came home with the blue! He won blue ribbons for his watercolor "the Caterpillar" and oil painting "the Bullfinch". He also got a special award from the MV Art Association for "outstanding artwork." Yay Omar!

Gen Con pics 3

1) Diesel on Sunday, either totally losing his mind, or it's a last minute desperate attempt at winning a hall costume prize.
2) Winding down after Sunday tear-down at the secret(?) artists' hangout.

Gen Con pics 2

Some cool costumes seen wandering around

Gen Con pics 1

1) Omar being interviewed by Jeremy McHugh of Ninja Mountain Podcast (hear the interview here)
2) Omar working on an on-site commission
3) the final result, Warrior on Bird.

Last Day at Gen Con

This picture pretty much sums it up...
thanks, Vinod!

Gen Con

We are currently on the road, heading home from Gen Con. More news to come as soon as we're settled back in the studio. Just a quick thank you to all the fans, artists and Gen Con staff who made it such a memorable weekend!

Spectrum Show!

Spectrum: the Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art is holding another exhibit at the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators in New York City. The first show was in 2005, and it was such a rollicking good time they decided to do it again. Omar had the honor of having one of his paintings in the first show, and this year they asked him to submit another painting as well. We are really looking forward to this show, it is an amazing showcase of the genre. We are planning on attending the opening reception on Friday, Sept. 11. The show runs from Sept. 1 to Oct. 17. Hope to see you there! Click here for more info.