So Phoney

Check out our new iPhone cases for sale in our CafePress store. We've chosen some of Omar's most popular images to grace these lovely cases. We got lots of other goodies for sale there as well: t-shirts, coffee mugs, magnets, etc. Check it out at

My Word!

A few years back, author Shelley Jackson decided to have one of her short stories "published" by having it tattooed one word at a time on 2000+ people. I am "Even", one of the words in the story. Shelley recently did a video story featuring a number of her "words" each saying their word. She assembled the short clips into a new story. The Berkeley Art Museum is also featuring the video on their website, you can see it here:
(I am at 1:00 in the video)
You can read more about the original Skin project here.

Etsy Sale!

Another SALE!?! Yep, Omar had his sale, now it's time for mine.
I'm having a sale in my Etsy shop on my regular sized prints - all are now 50% off. Sale ends March 20th so don't dilly-dally. Check it out here.