...Where the Sun Don't Shine

We just got back from Boskone, and we're very proud to announce that Omar won NESFA's prestigious and possibly dangerous Skylark Award. As you can see from the photo above, the award features a large and very high quality magnifying glass. And we all know how fun magnifying glasses can be when you play with them in the sunshine. In the second photo, you'll see author Jane Yolen recounting her experience soon after winning the award a few years back. She was thrilled to have won it, so she had put it on her kitchen table where she could show it off and admire it. One morning, as the sun came through the window and illuminated the award, it proceeded to burn a hole in her favorite wool coat draped on a nearby chair. So every year, Jane tells this story to the latest winner, with the advice to "put it where the sun don't shine!"
Thanks NESFA. :)

The Escape

"The Escape", a new watercolor by Omar. Feels appropriate for today, since tomorrow we are making our "escape" to the mainland.

Random Art

A new drawing, finished in time for the Boskone art show this upcoming weekend. I've titled this one "the Mermaid's Masque" and it is 11"x14", done entirely in pencil.