The Big Snooze

I know I've posted pictures of the ponies sleeping before, but they just crack me up at nap time. Both of them are just out cold and oblivious to the world. Spot sometimes whinnies in his sleep, with his legs twitching like he's running. Too cute!

Random Art

"The Call of Spring"
In honor of today being Earth Day and also the absolutely gorgeous weather we have forecast here for the rest of the week, today's Random Art posting is a little watercolor by Omar titled the Call of Spring.

Gen Con

Now that it has been officially announced, we can now ourselves officially announce that Omar is going to be Artist Guest of Honor at Gen Con in Indianapolis this August. Gen Con is a huge gaming convention, touted to be "The Best Four Days of Gaming". So we'll be there, all bright and shiny, with some of Omar's original paintings on display that he's done for Magic: the Gathering and other games. Maybe if you're lucky Omar will let you lick one of them.

April Fool

"Skull of Truth"
Today's bit of Random Art is in honor of April 1 and April Fool's Day. This scary jester is a piece that Omar created a few years back for the book "the Skull of Truth" by Bruce Coville.