Robots and Dinosaurs

I'm not sure why, but robots and dinosaurs always sound like a good combination. Omar has decided to try his hand at painting them, neither of which he paints very often. I think he should do more, don't you??? :)
"At the Back Gate"  watercolor
"Triceratophatus" watercolor
"Staggersaurus" watercolor
"Triceratops in the Tea" watercolor


So. Omar and I were invited to hang our art in the group show "Faerie" at the Krab Jab Studio in Seattle, WA. Our work will be rubbing shoulders with creations by artists such as Stepahnie Pui-Mun Law, Gary Lippincott, JB Monge, and oh yeah Brian & Wendy Froud. 


Just kidding...
Holy cow! There's an impressive list of artists in this exhibit, and we're so happy to be included!

Below are the pieces we will have in the show

Mermaid's Masque - pencil

Titania's Bottom - watercolor