Fan "art"

Omar just got this photo in his email. A fan had one of his ink drawings made into a tattoo. The drawing is an interior illustration Omar did for the book "Nightshade City" by Hilary Wagner. Pretty cool! (tattoo done by Zoe Thorne)

Random Art

It's been a while since we've posted a bit of "random art" so I thought I'd share this oil painting with you. Still in progress, but very very very close to being done, it's tentatively titled "the Dragon Hamam." You can almost hear him purring, that's one happy looking dragon. Omar should have it done in time for it to be in the art show at Boskone this upcoming weekend (Feb 18-20.


Now that we're in the doldrums of winter, we thought we'd help you brighten up your surroundings a bit... Omar is having a sale in his Etsy shop!
50% off regular prices on selected items, sale will run until Feb 28.
Click here to see what's on sale...
Such a deal, such a steal!