Who the heck are we?

Yes, who ARE we, anyways? Well, heh heh, that's for us to know and for you to find out. We'll give you this, though: we are a married couple living and working together in our small cozy home/studio in a semi-remote area. We somehow manage to not drive each other crazy and step on each other's toes (welllllllllll...most of the time, anyway.) We both have been creating art in its many guises since we've been but wee babes in arms, and have now somehow managed to make a living at our creative endeavors.

But, this Rayyan name, where's it from? Ah, if I had a penny for all the "my that's a different name" comments...For a BIT of insight on the possible origin of the Rayyan family name, read this excerpt from Omar's bio:

"...Omar Rayyan is an artist born in the Middle East and now living far away from there with many adventures in between the two. During his early travels he came under the the tutelage of Suenteus Po, a famous Tibetan/Persian collage artist. There, Omar was able to hone his talents, but was soon forced to leave due to an influx of yaks, to which he is highly allergic. So he took his talents to the road , and, at the tender age of seven, he was on his own making his way back across the Arabian peninsula. He worked for a short time in the puppy fields of Istanbul (not Constantinople,) and some say that that is where his imagination took a wild turn. He was discovered here by Jan van Cuyp, a Dutch philanthropist, who recognized Omar as being too talented to be a mere poppy picker, and placed Omar in his employment as his personal parrot preener. Omar came to be known as Europe's most prestigious parrot trainer. He once trained a small flock to perform "Man from La Mancha " in its entirety. After an unfortunate incident involving the birds and an overturned truck full of oyster crackers, the young illustrator-to-be was turned to the streets of Stockholm to scrape a meager living sculpting portraits of tourists in peanut butter.
Now, in happier times, Omar has settled down, married, and even has a few parrots of his own..."

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Anonymous said...

No one could even make this stuff up!! What a wonderful man!! And his art work is just amazing! The big question is, where is the rest of the biography if this just an exert? If there is a book where is it, and how do I find it?