Moebius (Jean Giraud) was artist guest of honor at World Fantasy this year, and we had the privilege to meet him. He let us peek in his sketchbook. I'm still in awe. His work is so amazing, he was so humble and funny, I wish we could have spent so much more time with him. Here's a pic of Tom Kidd, Omar and Jean during the art show tear down. Tom is looking a bit dazed because Jean had just bought one of his paintings. Lucky fella!


Tom Kidd said...

What are you talking about? I always look dazed.

Great blog, great work of course. I have to put in a link to your blog. Right now I need to take care of an aggravating printer though. It may require sledge hammer.

Omar and Sheila Rayyan said...

My favorite remedy is tossing it out a window, preferably a few flights up. Even more fun if you keep the window closed.