Return from Boskone

We just got back from Boskone, where we had a very successful showing. I received much praise for my work, Omar sold a bunch of paintings and also got a pile of awards. This painting was shown at Boskone and is also the one we showed a "peek" of in an earlier blog, here it is finished. Omar titled it "the Knight, the Daemon, and the Donut". The poor horse looks a tad worried about what the daemon is going to do with that donut...
It's available for sale, contact us for more info.


Anonymous said...

The horse is most excellent. Sorry I didn't see it in person, but I pinched a nerve somewhere in my lower back and the doctor said, "No cross-country plane flights for you!" So I'll likely be at Lunacon instead.

Margaret O-K

Unknown said...

Another amazing piece! Where can I get more of your work, Sheila? I'm doing more pencil stuff these days and my appreciation of your stuff keeps growing.I'm really drawn to that controlled complexity that is in your pencil work. Really amazing.