Drum auction- ends June 16th- bid now!

Omar and I had the honor of being chosen to decorate two very special antique ceremonial Hatian Rada drums for an auction to benefit the Drum Workshop. Founder Rick Bausman has created these workshops to offer a range of ensemble drumming programs for elementary and high school students, elderly, people with disabilities. They also provide programs to address the issues of substance abuse, anger management, and violence prevention. Rick is a great guy, and a badass drummer to boot. Be sure to check out the auction. It ends June 16, so bid now!


Anonymous said...

Hi Omar and Sheila,
Both drums are fantastic; the Maman is especially awesome!

Tim O'Connor said...

Hey cousinses!

whats kickin'? I was poking around the interwebs and came across this here blog o'yours. Thought I'd drop a line and say hello. T'was good seeing you guys at Patty's B-day few months back. Man, you's guys' work never ceases to amaze.

If your looking for a larf, check out some of the film productions i've been involved in over the past year or so (They're on me blog.)

Guess I'll see you at the next major family function.

Tim O

Unknown said...

Both of these are phenomenal! Beautiful work.

Omar and Sheila Rayyan said...

The drums were an interesting project to work on. Trying to design something that wraps around an object and keeps a good composition from whichever side you look at it. Not to mention the surface texture. The drums were hand carved, and fairly rough so my drum was pretty challenging since I was working in pencil. But I love how both of them came out!

Unknown said...

Sheila-I posted a B&W picture I'd love your thoughts on..