Random Art

"The March Hare"
Driving home late last night, there were rabbits, skunks, raccoons and wildlife galore out and about. The rabbits in particular caught my attention because of the sheer numbers of them that were frolicking by the roadside, plus they were being quite daring in their dashes across my path. Sad to say, I did notice a few casualties, luckily none by me, tho it was pretty close a few times. I was wondering what had gotten into these rabbits that they were crazily running in the road, and then I realized, of course! It's March. They're all mad.


Anonymous said...

Man! That Omar has way too much talent.

Unknown said...

Wow! That's not watercolour is it?

Omar and Sheila Rayyan said...

Omar usually works in watercolor, but this painting is actually done in oil. He does 2 or 3 oil paintings a year just for kicks.


Victoria said...

Beautiful! It is wonderful to meet you..wow you are a magnificently unique artist..I love your work..shine on!Super talented!
Have a sparkling day!