Too Quiet

I must apologise for being so quiet on the blog lately-- it's been quite a busy month We've had relatives visiting, cars breaking down, computers up and dying, and just a lot of work in amongst all that. To top it all off, I was away for a week attending the Illustration Master Class in Amherst, MA. It was an amazing, intense, exhausting (physically, mentally, emotionally) and enlightening experience. And as wiped out I'm feeling right now (just got back) I want to do it again! Irene Gallo has a good amount of photos documenting it all here: .
Currently we're gearing up for Gen Con, and are looking forward to that trip in August. Hope to see you there!

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Steve Anderson said...

Sheila, it was so nice to meet you at IMC, and looking forward to seeing you and Omar at Gen Con. Now, back to my IMC illo!