The Big Show

Last Friday we drove to NYC to attend the reception for the Spectrum show at the Society of Illustrators. (photo is of Omar posing next to his painting in the show). More pics taken by Irene Gallo +click here+.
Despite being extremely road-weary--we took advantage of being off the Island and ran some errands, then we hit a lot of traffic on our way to NY, so we were driving for at least 8 hours that day, and oh yeah, it was pouring rain for a lot of the drive as well (UGH)--we still managed to have a great time. It's always inspiring to see this work in person, plus get to talk to the creators as well. The Society of Illustrators has a fabulous lounge upstairs that's just packed with illustrations by artists some of which are long gone, but their art is still fresh and inspiring for us young whippersnappers. Sometimes we wish we lived in the city so we could spend more hang out time in places like this. But alas, I don't think our horses would take well to apartment living. Maybe if we traded them in for pygmy elephants...??

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