Eye of the Beholder

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So... all you Dungeons & Dragons fans out there are probably familiar with this creature, the Beholder. Jon Schindehette (Senior Creative Director for D&D) commissioned a number of artists to do their interpretation of the Beholder. Everyone had to do the same relative composition, just do it in their own "style". Omar was lucky enough to be included in this project, and posted here is his version. Only Omar would sneak in a lap dog with a pretty blue bow in it's hair, and a mouse reenacting Hamlet into a D&D battle scene. But I suppose that's why Jon picked him for this project. :)
You can see other artist's versions by clicking this link.

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Anonymous said...

That IS exactly why I picked him for this experiment. It was one of my favs, and one of the most disturbing...the beholder vs the lovely maiden and her pup. The leering bug up in the window, and so many other wonder elements. Just wonderful!!