Gen Con

Omar and I got back from Gen Con earlier this week, and the dust is still settling from our travels. Whoof! that was a wild ride. I'm not sure if it was the art show's location smack dab in the middle of the exhibition hall (rather than tucked off to the side in previous years) or it was the record number of people in attendance, but boy was the art show rockin'! We and the other artists were kept pretty busy through the whole show, Omar even lost his voice for a bit from all the chatting. We went there thinking we probably weren't going to be back for 2012 (it just such a looooooong 2-day drive in the heat of summer) but now, well, we might just change our minds.
For this year's show, I decided to go all crafty. I've been mucking about with ceramics lately, and I've discovered the wonders that are underglaze pencils. I can do drawings right on the ceramic items and once they're fired in the kiln, they are permanent and smudge-proof. A pencil artist's dream! So I made some cups and pendants and drew some crazy critters on them, and had a lot of fun showing them at Gen Con. I sold a bunch at the show, and the leftovers I've just posted in my Etsy shop.

I was given a dice bag to decorate for the charity auction. Last year I did one and was very happy that they asked me to do another one this year as well.  I drew some designs and yes more silly critters on it with sharpies and then embellished it with wiggle eyes. Gotta love those wiggle eyes! Too much fun. Omar did a dice bag as well, but we didn't manage to photograph it before it went to auction. :( Hopefully they'll post pictures of it on their website:

Like I said, I went all crafty this year, so I brought my henna as well. I did lots and lots of henna designs on people, so much so that I had to shut down the henna factory for a little while to give my hand a rest. I of course, as usual, am very bad about taking photos of my henna. But Omar was there to remind me and I did get a few photos. I had some steampunk henna designs in my book this year which were very popular.
Anyhoo, enough of my rambling on, we had a great time at Gen Con this year, and we may be back for more next year, we'll see!

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