Really BIG Art!

This past winter, Omar was commissioned to do a painting titled "Bunny's Birthday Bash". The client wanted him to do a very LARGE watercolor depicting her favorite rabbits and their friends partying it up. The painting was so large, in fact, that it did not fit on Omar's usual work desk. He had to make a temporary workspace just to accommodate the piece.
Bunny Bash in progress.
 You'd figure that when facing such a huge task, Omar would maybe perhaps just possibly consider that he might use bigger brushes and use bolder strokes to get the job done. Nope, he used his usual little brushes and spared no detail. Crazy man. But the finished piece is quite epic, as you can see in the images below.
"Bunny's Birthday Bash"  27x37 inches, watercolor
detail of some of the partygoers
detail of the birthday bunny
Bunny admiring his new painting


Gabe Warila said...

Gorgeous! That kind of detail on that kind of scale is straight up epic.

Shelley Freese said...

That is wondrous.

Vinod Rams said...

This is what I think our rabbits are doing when we leave the house...

Amazing work!

Anonymous said...

Wow !! There's so much attention to detail here. Great colors, content and composition. It's a delicious feast for the eyes. I love how it draws you in and forces you to slow down and look, to absorb it. My eyes keep circling around then pulling away to see it as a whole again. I wonder how long did it took take to finish the masterpiece.