Currently Available Art

These are some of Omar's larger paintings that are currently available for sale.
Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing, or wish to get more information about them. And remember: he also has smaller, lower priced pieces available
in his Etsy Shop:

Beetle Battle - watercolor, 11x14 inches  SOLD

Battlecry of the Chipmunk - watercolor, 12x15 inches  SOLD

At the Fish Market - watercolor, 8.5x11 inches  $500

Grackles - oil on panel, 18x24 inches SOLD

Madam M and Maurice - watercolor, 7.75x10 inches  SOLD

Rum on the Rocks - watercolor, 13x17 inches  SOLD

Schnapps - watercolor, 11x15 inches  SOLD

Portrait of a Siren - watercolor, 12x15 inches  $2000

The Socialite - oil on panel, 18x24 inches  SOLD

Tiny Pink Elephants - watercolor, 11x14 inches SOLD

Milking the Triceratops - oil on panel, 11x14 inches  SOLD

Turtle Tacking - watercolor, 13x17 inches  SOLD

Weasels, Ferrets, and Stoats, Oh My! - watercolor, 12x16 inches  SOLD

Young Ursula - watercolor, 11x14 inches  SOLD

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