Gen Con

We are currently on the road, heading home from Gen Con. More news to come as soon as we're settled back in the studio. Just a quick thank you to all the fans, artists and Gen Con staff who made it such a memorable weekend!


Sarah Frary said...

You two are the shit.

No, really -- if I looked up the definition of 'the shit' in the dictionary, it would say 'Omar and Sheila Rayyan'

It was an honor getting to meet and goof around with you both, respectively. Happy and safe trails to you on your journey home!

Vinod Rams said...

The show was great! Meeting you was the highlight! Thanks for doing the watercolor demo as well. Very inspiring!

Rob Barrett said...

It was a pleasure to meet the two of you. (I was the fan who noticed the Dureresque quality in your rabbits.) I'm waiting for a sale on frames at Michael's to put "Tar Pitcher" and "Cemetery Puca" up in the Associate Head's office here at the University of Illinois.