Some News!

We are now freshly returned from Illuxcon, still got that glow going, but at the same time wishing we could just sleep for a few days and not go back to the studio quite yet... Alas, the muse beckons and cajoles.

I think one of the highlights to the show was having our booth next to Ian Miller and his invisible dog, Jimmy. Jimmy was the most well-behaved dog I have ever met, you'd almost never know he was even there. Ian, on the other hand, not so well-behaved. He kept trying to steal Omar away to drink beer at the bistro across the street.

Another big hit at the show was Thomas Kuebler's freakishly lifelike sculptures. I always wonder how things like this get transported, so here are some pictures of his creatures being packed away at the end of the show. Can you imagine seeing these peeking out the window at you as you're driving on the highway???

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